Students First

Our commitment is Students First.

PSU believes that students succeed when caring faculty and staff connect them to the opportunity and support they need to experience the transformative power of a college education. We realize PSU’s commitment to student success when our students achieve their goals. Our commitment will be measured by ensuring students:

  • Experience learning outcomes that embody the skills and knowledge integral to success;
  • Maintain credit momentum, earn essential credits, persist and graduate at higher rates and attain degrees;
  • Feel a sense of belonging and community at PSU and participate in an educational experience that prepares them to engage with real-world problems within our diverse communities;
  • Connect to financial wellness support and education;
  • Enjoy increased opportunities post-graduation, building careers or entering post-graduate programs

Supporting campus wide student success programs, projects, and initiatives

Focus, strategy, change and continuous improvement for institutional transformation

  • Facilitate strategy development and the coordination and alignment of student success strategies across the institution
  • Cross-campus project and initiative management for high-priority student success and experience efforts
  • Staff and participate in the organizational leadership body for student success
  • Create a network for cross-campus collaborations to leverage knowledge and resources
  • Data + insights and the Student Voice

Research and identify insights, in partnership with OIRP, that support the deepening of our understanding and strategies related to retention and graduation enhancement opportunities

  • Engage students directly in problem-posing and solution generation to enhance student success and the student experience
  • Showcase the student voice → share back to students and to the broader campus community student. Ensure students are partners in our student success work.
  • Assist campus with utilizing strategies and best practices for gathering and using student input and feedback
  • Community college partnerships and academic transfer programs

Leadership and support for enhancing the community college transfer and returning student experience and success at PSU in partnerships with cross-campus partners

  • Provide coordination, support, and guidance to the university and its transfer partner institutions in developing effective transfer agreements, pathways, programs, and supportive policies and procedures
  • Leadership for the Transfer and Returning Student Center, including operational support and programming

Funding and external partnerships

  • Work with external partners and funders to operationalize student success initiatives, including grants that support this work
  • Help to disseminate the work that’s being done at PSU - locally, regionally and nationally

Project and Program Updates