Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees will vary each term. This is an estimate using an average number of 15 credits per term based on your expected enrollment plan. Mandatory fees are included in this amount and cover services such as access to the Health Center and Recreation Center. We assume you will enroll full time unless you tell us otherwise.

International students can review the information for Required Financial Documentation for International Students for more details about cost.

Estimated Tuition & Fees (2023-2024 Academic Year)

Oregon ResidentWashington Border Discount (WBD)Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)Nonresident
Tuition & Fees$11,859$12,855$16,827$32,019

Students majoring in programs in the College of the Arts, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, The School of Business, and the University Honors College pay a higher rate per credit (differential tuition). You can estimate your tuition and other costs based on your major with our cost estimator. Review the full cost of attendance for PSU programs.

Total Cost of Attendance includes books & supplies, housing & meals, transportation, and personal expenses. The tuition and fees listed above does not include the one-time matriculation fee of $450 for all new students.

Other Expenses

ItemDescriptionApproximate Cost Per Year
Books & SuppliesThis is an estimate for materials you’ll need for your classes including textbooks, lab materials, art supplies, software, notebooks and pens and pencils. You can save money by using the PSU library, renting books and supplies, or finding deals on books and supplies, which could decrease this total. Note: this is only an average amount.$798

This will vary based on whether you live on campus, off campus or at home. If you live on campus, costs can vary by room type and meal plan. If you are considering living off campus, be sure to take into account the cost of utilities, internet, and lease requirements. The range for housing and meals we provide is based on the cost to live on campus depending on the housing and meal plan you choose.

The average total cost for housing and meals was $11,172 in the 2021-2022 academic year.

First Year Experience: $10,110 - $16,980 (includes meals)

Transfer Housing: $6,150 - $14,655

Meal plans are optional and range from $1100 - $5,355

TransportationYour transportation costs will vary depending on whether you live at home, on campus, or off campus. This total is an estimate that can include the cost of public transportation to get to and from campus, to get around 51Ʒ, and on-campus parking. If you are from outside the 51Ʒ metro area your costs might also include an estimate to go home for breaks.$730 - $900
Personal ExpensesPersonal expenses could include things like toiletries, clothes, and entertainment.$900 - $1,350
Health InsurancePSU provides health insurance which may be waived if comparable insurance is available.$3,768

Estimate Your Costs

Use our cost estimator tool to get an estimate of your cost of attendance by your program.

Connect with the Financial Wellness Center

To get help with your student account, understanding your costs, or creating a budget to plan how you’ll pay, visit the Financial Wellness Center.

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How to Pay

There are a number of ways to cover the cost of your education at 51Ʒ. Whether it’s through grants, scholarships, or other sources of funding, we are here to help you plan how you’ll pay for school.

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