Tuition-Free Degree

51Ʒ proudly covers tuition and most mandatory fees for eligible Oregon students. All applicants are automatically considered for the Tuition-Free Degree program, no separate application is required.

The program covers remaining tuition and most mandatory fees after financial aid is applied.

The program does not cover course fees, online course fees, the one-time matriculation fee, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, or personal expenses.

Current PSU students who received Four Years Free or Transfers Finish Free funding will automatically transition to the Tuition-Free Degree program provided they maintain eligibility for the program.

If you're re-enrolling at PSU,contact the Transfer and Returning Student Resource Center, for help navigating your return.


Students must meet all of the requirements below:

  • Oregon resident
  • Pell Grant-eligible according to FAFSA
  • Enroll partor full time (6-16 credits per term)
  • Admissible to PSU as an undergraduate first year or transfer student or re-enrollingas an undergraduate

𱹾ٳofficial Tuition-Free Degree policyfor more details on maintainingeligibility.

Deadlines toApply to PSU and Complete the FAFSA

  • Fall Term: August 1
    • Students who apply to PSU for fall term after August 1 may be considered if funds are available.
  • Winter Term: December 5
  • Spring Term: March 5

Re-Enrolling students must complete the FAFSA by the deadlines listed above.

What Tuition-Free Degree Covers

After financial aid and scholarships are applied, PSU will cover remaining costs from the following:

  • Tuition
  • Building fee
  • Incidental fee
  • Health Service fee
  • Rec Center fee

What Tuition-Free Degree Does NOT Cover

PSU does not cover the following:

  • Room and Board (housing and/or meals)
  • Books and Supplies
  • Transportation or Parking
  • Health Insurance
  • Tuition, fees, or services associated with summer term enrollment or study abroad
  • Matriculation fee ($450)
  • Course fees (Charged to your student account based on course registration. This will vary by course and major.)
  • Online Course fee ($22 per credit)

How Tuition-Free Degree Works

This program ensures that standard tuition, differential tuition, and mandatory fees are covered through federal, state, and PSU grants and scholarships. The program will cover the cost of tuition and most mandatory fees after the Federal Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity Grant are applied. The program fills the financial gap between what the university charges for most courses and the amount of grants a student receives.

  • Covers 6-16 credit hours per term. Students must take at least 6 credits per term to maintain eligibility. You can take more than 16 credits per term and maintain eligibility; however, tuition and mandatory fees are only covered up to 16 credits.
  • Only applies to fall, winter, and spring terms and does not include summer term.
  • Federal and state grants are applied to tuition and fees first and then PSU grants and select scholarships are applied. PSU funding is provided to cover any remaining amount of tuition and mandatory fees that might exist.
  • Students might not receive any Tuition-Free Degree funding in a given year because other grants and scholarships cover their standard tuition and mandatory fees.
  • Students can receive Tuition-Free Degree funding for up to 225 total attempted credits, including transfer credits.

Notification of Eligibility

Students will be notified that they are eligible for the Tuition-Free Degree program via email and in their financial aid offer.

Some students will be required to verify that they qualify for the program by providing any outstanding financial aid documents to PSU. If you do not complete your outstanding documents, you will forfeit your eligibility.

Re-Enrolling Students

Re-Enrolling students will be notified that they are eligible for the Tuition-Free Degree program in their financial aid offer.

Maintaining Tuition-Free Degree

Students who are in the Tuition-Free Degree program may continue receiving it throughout their undergraduate education by:

Virtual Advisor