Payment in full is due at the beginningof each term.If you can't pay in full at the beginning of the term,enroll in the PSU Payment Plan.

Payment Planinstallments are due on the 6th of each month, except for the first payment of winter term,which varies each year. There are currently two ways to pay: online and by mail.

If you havenot enrolled in the payment plan or paid in full by the first payment due date, you will be automatically enrolled in the PSU Payment Plan and charged a $100 late fee. For more details about dates and deadlines, review the Academic Calendar for Financial Deadlines.

Pay Online

Pay online in myPSU using ane-check (free) or creditor debit card with CashNet/Transact (includes 2.85% merchant fee).To authorize a third party to pay on your account,see below.

  1. Log in to .

  2. Navigate to the Finances page, then select Manage Enrollment, Make a Payment, or Manage Payment Account.

  3. Continue to the payment site and follow the promptsto submit payment.

E-check(electronic check or ACH) requires therouting number and U.S.-based bank account number. It takes 3-5 business days to complete the transaction.

Pay In Person

Payments can be made in person at the cashier counterܰԲ Student Financial Serviceshours.

PSU only accepts cash or check payments in person.Credit and debit cards are not accepted at the counter. Online payments canbe made at the computer kiosks on the first floor of Fariborz Maseeh Hall, during lobby hours.

In order to meet the State of Oregon mandate of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, we are unable to take credit card payments via the cashier windows. Cardholder data is highly sensitive information and there is a high potential for computer fraud. PCI security standards require that no credit card numbers are stored on card terminals.

Pay by Mail

PSU is paperless and does not mail paper billing statements unless the account is past due. You can pay your bill without receiving a paper billing statement. To submit payment by mail:

  1. Make your check out to 51Ʒ.

  2. Write your PSU ID number on the check in the memo field.

  3. Mail your payment to the PSU Cashier's Office.

If you have received a paper bill, return the bottom third of the bill with your payment.

Parent or Third-Party Paying for Student

Students can now invite another payer to access your myPSU payment portal and make a one-time payment on your student account.

To invite a parent, guardian, or other individual to pay on your account on your behalf:

  1. Log in to .
  2. Navigate to the Finances page and selectManage Enrollment, Make a Payment, or Manage Payment Account.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Under Payers select Send a Payer Invitation.
  5. Your designated payer will receive an invitation via email with their username (email) and one-time password.

PSU will send invoices to third partiesthat require a separate invoice for the items on the student bill which the sponsor will pay on behalf of a student. To be considered for the third partybilling process, sponsors must completethe Third-Party Agreement applicationand return it to theOffice of Student Financial Services.

For more information on employers' contributions, internationally sponsored student accounts, and veteranpayments, see below. 51Ʒ State hasdedicated staffto support third party billing for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and sponsors.

Sponsored Accounts

If you need an employer, embassy, or other sponsoring agency to pay on your student account, you must present the Third Party Office with a statement of the agreement. The student is responsible for completing this in a timely fashion. The University will then invoice the third party directly for charges on the student's account.

Charges not covered by the third party must be paid by the student. If the third party fails to pay the invoiced charges, it becomes the student's responsibility to pay PSU.

Employers or Sponsors

Employers or sponsors wishing to pay on a student’s account may do so with authorization by the student. This grants permission for a third party to make payments to their account online via . Contact the student to set up authorization, more information is above.

Veteran Benefits

If you are a veteran attending the university on the GI Bill or with other veteranbenefits, you mustcompletethe appropriate steps for veteran certification with the Office of the Registrar before we can bill the federal VA for your tuition.

Unsuccessful Transactions

Checks and e-Checks: Paper check payments and e-check payments can fail for a number of reasons. These may include insufficient funds, mistyped account information, or your bank's individual policy regarding check payments. Before making payments on your student account, make sure that the account you are using has sufficient funds to cover your payment and double-check that the account information you have provided for e-check payment is correct.

If your check or e-check is returned due to a closed account, stopped payment, incorrect account number, or insufficient funds, PSU will:

  • Reverse the original payment on your account

  • Add a $25 returned check charge to your next bill

  • Place a hold on your account (PSU reserves the right to cancel your registration for classes if a payment is returned as non-payable. If you feel the check was returned incorrectly, you may petition to have the $25 fee reversed by using the Returned Check Fee Petition Form.)

The $100 late fee applies to installments missed due to unsuccessful e-check payments. Every student is allowed two returned checks before they will no longer be allowed to pay with a check or e-check. This can be appealed using the Returned Check Fee Petition Form. If a student has two returned checks, they can pay with cashier's checks, money orders, or certified checks. Online payments can be made with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card (additional 2.75% charged per transaction, increasing to 2.85% effective July 5, 2023).

Credit Card: For various reasons, the credit card holder’s bank may decline an auto-pay transaction. The system will attempt to run the card three times on the due date. If none of these attempts are successful, the payment will be considered missed and a $100 late fee will be charged to the account. For large payments and when using credit cards issued by foreign banks, it is recommended that you contact your bank in advance to advise them that a transaction from 51Ʒ is expected.

Past Due Accounts

A student's account may be sent to collections after 90 days of non-payment. PSU will attempt to contact the student with two warning letters and a final notice that they are being sent to collections. Once the account is sent to an outside collection agency, the student will need to contact the assigned debt collector to make arrangements. Contact the Financial Wellness Center for more information about collections.

Merchant Fees

PSU strives to offer multiple payment options to students. To maintain the option of paying by credit card, students are required to pay this fee. PSU is not budgeted to support these fees,so we must pass these fees on to students. The alternative was to eliminate the option of paying by card altogether. Merchant fees continue to rise, leading many universities to stop offering the option to pay by card. PSU does not include merchant fees into the cost of the tuition nor does PSU receive any portion of these fees. The fees are paid directly by CashNet to the credit card companies for processing the credit card payment. To avoid paying merchant fees, we recommend paying your bill online with e-Check.

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