Forms & Petitions

If you have questions regarding the nature of the forms, information required on the forms, or need guidance determining which form or petition is right for your situation, contact Student Financial Services.Submitting a form does not guarantee that your request or petition will be approved.

Form or PetitionDescription
Expedite Refund RequestRefunds are issued on accounts when there is a credit balance. Normal processing times for student account refunds after initial disbursements are between 4 and 6 weeks. If you have a compelling reason to receive a refund sooner, submit this form.
FERPA (Release of Non-Directory Information) FormA student may fill out this form to request that PSU allowsomeone else (parent, guardian, employer, etc.) access to your university information. Student FinancialServices cannot speak with anyone about your account, including billing information or amount due, without this form on record. Fill it out and return it in-person, with photo IDto the Registrar's Office to grant access to your account.
Late Fee PetitionPetition a $100 late fee by providing a brief explanation of any extenuating circumstances that led to your late payment.
Lost Check AffidavitIf a refund check is lost, stolen or destroyed, use this form to report the loss and request that another check be issued. This form cannot be submitted until 14 business days after the check was first issued.
Returned Check Fee PetitionUse this petition to appeal both the $25 returned check fee and the check payment restriction that results from having two check payments returned.
Request to Return Financial Aid Funds to Lender (FABK)Use this form to return part or all of your student loans within the first 14 days of disbursement to your student account.
Student Records Privacy RequestUse this form to request that all of your student information, including directory information, be unavailable to parties other than the student and the school.
Third Party Agreement (TPA) Application51Ʒ will invoice sponsors that require a separate invoice for the items on the student bill which the sponsor will pay in support of a student. To be considered for the TPA billing process, sponsors must complete this application. Learn more about setting up third party payment on behalf of a student.
Terms and Conditions of PaymentOutlines 51Ʒ's terms and conditions of payment.

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