Consumer Information

51Ʒ is required by the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, to disclose certain information to enrolled students, prospective students, parents, employees, and others. This information may also be disclosed in other ways by the University (email, mailings, publications, websites, etc.), but is also provided here for convenience. Information for 51Ʒ is provided below, including a listing of the disclosure, a brief description, applicable website addresses, and contact information for the university official (or department) who can respond to questions or information requests in their specific areas. Employees of the University are available with reasonable notice to assist enrolled and prospective students in obtaining consumer information on a full-time basis throughout normal working hours. The University can provide a paper copy of any of the information on the websites listed upon request.

Data Privacy and Security

General University Information

Student Financial Assistance

Health and Safety

Student Outcomes

Veterans Educational Benefits

Data Privacy and Security

Computer Use and File Sharing

Use of PSU computer accounts, technology, and services is subject to PSU’s Acceptable Use Policy. Inappropriate use of computer accounts, sharing of accounts, passwords, or access to data or any other unauthorized use or access is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. Sharing files without the permission of the copyright owner puts you at risk of a criminal and/or civil lawsuit. For more information see the maintained by the and the 51Ʒ Office of Information Technology’s Illegal File Sharing (DMCA) Standard for details on enforcement procedures.

Privacy of Student Records

The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords eligible students certain rights with respect to their educational records. Each year, 51Ʒ provides a notice to all enrolled students about: the right to review their educational records, to request amendment of records, to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information, and to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education; procedures for reviewing educational records and requesting amendment of records; and information regarding disclosures to school officials with a legitimate educational interest in the educational records. For more information about these rights review the Student Records and Privacy page. For questions contact the Office of the Registrar.

General University Information

Academic Programs (Educational Program and Faculty)

Comprehensive descriptions of all academic programs, courses, academic policies, and academic units can be found in the annual University Bulletin (i.e. academic catalog).

51Ʒ is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Accreditation by the NWCCU is not partial but applies to the institution as a whole. As such, it is not a guarantee of every course or program offered, or the competence of individual graduates. Rather, it provides reasonable assurance about the quality of opportunities available to students who attend the institution. Inquiries regarding an institution's accredited status by the NWCCU should be directed to PSU’s Accreditation and Compliance Coordinator. Individuals may also contact NWCCU:

8060 165th Avenue N.E., Suite 200
Redmond, WA. 98052
(425) 558-4224


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, the Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Services, the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, Dean of Student Life, and all Academic Departments provide specific administrative means to address and resolve questions, concerns, and complaints. The contact information for each of these offices is provided below.

Each educational institution that receives federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution, commemorating the September 17, 1787 signing of the Constitution. If September 17 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, Constitution Day shall be held during the preceding or following week. PSU fulfills this requirement annually through an educational email with links to learning resources. For more information on the content of the email, please contact University Communications.

The Library works to educate and promote lawful uses of copyrighted works by the PSU Community. Copyright is a great concern for scholarship, publishing and teaching. Copyright law stipulates the rights and conditions authors enjoy over their works and how others may use them. For questions, contact Elsa Loftis at eloftis@pdx.edu, 503-725-5780.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance reflects the amount of money a typical student is projected to need for school-related expenses during the academic year based on residency, housing arrangements, and degree program. The Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships publishes estimated costs of tuition and fees, food and housing, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. Actual expenses can vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to: number of credits being taken, degree program, housing arrangements, residency, and lifestyle choices. For actual tuition and fee charges review the fee schedule for the appropriate academic year or contact Student Financial Services. If you have further questions concerning cost of attendance contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

DescriptionOregon Resident
(living with family)
Oregon Resident
(living on campus)
Oregon Resident
(not living on campus)
Washington Border Discount (WBD) (not living on campus)WUE
(Western Undergraduate Exchange)
(not living on campus)
Tuition & Fees$11,85911,859$11,859$12,855$16,827
Books & Supplies$798$798$798$798$798
Loan OriginationFees$135$135$135$135$135
Housing & Food$8,187$13,443$13,728$13,728$13,728
Other Living Expenses$2,562$1,770$2,697$2,697$2,697
Personal Expenses$900$900$1,350$1,350$1,350

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) makes university life accessible to students with disabilities. Disabilities can be related to mental health, chronic illness, cognitive, sensory, physical, or other impairments. When working with students, the DRC identifies, evaluates, and reduces or eliminates barriers to access and equity at PSU. Reasonable accommodations are available to all disabled students according to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the ADA Amendments Act, Fair Housing Act, and other legislation. Accommodations may be provided so students are able to fully enjoy and participate in campus life as it relates to exams and quizzes, classroom participation, reading textbooks and studying, housing, field placements/internships, and more! The DRC also fosters community and creates opportunities to promote disability culture. Contact the DRC for more information and to register with the DRC.

51Ʒ State is authorized to offer distance education through its membership in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, known as NC-SARA.Participation in SARA allows accepted out-of-state students to take online courses from locations in other SARA states and still qualify for Title IV funding.NC-SARA also requires that any institution that offers courses or programs potentially leading to professional licensure must keep all students informed as to whether such offerings actually meet state licensing requirements.

Gainful Employment

For a non-degree seeking student (taking courses at PSU without the intention to complete a degree) to be eligible for federal financial aid, the non-degree program must prepare students in that program for gainful employment in a specific recognized occupation. 51Ʒ has several non-degree stand-alone programs that are currently eligible for federal financial aid and accepting new students. Most of PSU’s standalone programs are postbaccalaureate certificates. Certain information about this program is disclosed to prospective students. Such information includes program length; tuition and fees charged for completing the program within the normal time; typical costs for books and supplies; median loan debt incurred by students completing the program within normal time; and licensure requirements. Disclosures for these programs are posted on the program websites. For further information about these programs contact the academic department that offers the program

Net Price Calculator

Net Price is the amount that a student pays to attend an institution in a single academic year after subtracting scholarships and grants the student receives. A Net Price Calculator is available on our website and it allows prospective students to enter information about themselves to find out what students like them paid to attend the institution, after taking grants and scholarships into account. Net price results from the calculator are estimates and are not final or binding and may change. Please note a student must complete the to be eligible for federal student aid funds. For questions contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

PSU supports equal opportunity in admissions, education, employment, housing, and use of facilities by prohibiting discrimination in those areas based on age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion or creed, sex or gender, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other basis in law. PSU is committed to addressing student and employee complaints timely and effectively, in accordance with applicable University grievance procedures, as outlined in PSU’s Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy, including sexual harassment. Students may contact PSU’s Title IX Coordinator, the Dean of Student Life office or the Office of Equity and Compliance to discuss any concerns regarding prohibited discrimination and discriminatory harassment, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program forgives the remaining balance on your Direct Loans after you have made 120 qualifying payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full time for a qualifying employer. This program is administered by the federal government through . 51Ʒ is a qualifying employer for the program. For more information contact or your federal loan servicer.

Refund Policy

Refunds are issued on accounts when there is a credit balance. Depending on the reason for the refund, refund penalties such as drop charges or partial tuition reimbursement may apply. These can reduce the total amount of the refund. Normal processing times for student account refunds after initial disbursements takes four and six weeks. For further questions contact Student Financial Services.

Requirements for Withdrawal

Students are responsible for dropping​ or withdrawing​ from courses by the deadline dates in the Academic Calendar. Students who plan to drop or withdraw from all of their courses should ​speak with the Registrar's Office or ​review and complete all applicable steps on the Withdraw Checklist.​ The Registrar's Office is the designated point of contact for students withdrawing from 51Ʒ State. Students who are receiving financial aid or scholarships and drop or withdraw from all courses may need to repay some or all of their financial assistance to the university. Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss the return of funds.

Return of Federal Financial Aid

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from courses by the deadline dates in the Academic Calendar. Students who plan to drop or withdraw from their courses should speak with the Registrar's Office or review and complete all applicable steps on the Withdraw Checklist. The Registrar's Office is the designated point of contact for students withdrawing from 51Ʒ State. Students who receive financial aid or scholarships and drop or withdraw from all courses may need to repay some or all of their financial assistance to the university. Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss the return of funds.

Student Body Diversity

Information about student body diversity, including the percentage of enrolled, full-time students in the following categories: male; female; Federal Pell Grant recipients; and self-identified members of a major racial or ethnic group is available fromthe Office of Institutional Research and Planning. For further questions contact the Office of Institutional Research at instres@pdx.edu.

Student Code of Conduct

The mission of the 51Ʒ Conduct & Community Standards Program is to promote a culture of integrity and respect, as articulated in the Student Code of Conduct. The Office of the Dean of Student Life administers the University's Student Code of Conduct, which provides a process for addressing student misconduct.

Teacher Preparation Program Report

Each year PSU’s College of Education provides a report to the state of Oregon and the U.S. Department of Education in relation to preparing teachers for initial state certification or licensure. The report includes goals, assurances, pass rates and scaled scores, and program information, among other information. The . For further information or to request a copy of the college's report please contact PSU’s College of Education.

Transfer Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements

Over 60% of PSU undergraduates earn transfer credit. Before and after admission, PSU welcomes transfer students with an array of transfer friendly policies and resources. The Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center is here to help students smoothly transition to PSU and to support you on your path to degree completion.

Student Financial Assistance

The cohort default rate is the percentage of student loan borrowers who default on their loans within three years of leaving PSU. The most recent official Cohort Default Rate is:

  • Fiscal year ending in 2019 - 1.5%
  • National Cohort Default Rate for the fiscal year 2019 - 2.3%

College Financing Plan (Shopping Sheet)

51Ʒ has implemented a personalized and standardized cost form in the “Shopping Sheet” format developed by the Department of Education (for use beginning with the 2013-2014 award year). This “shopping sheet” provides personalized award information to all admitted students, including veterans, service members, and family members. It is provided electronically via a link on the student’s Financial Aid Dashboard and is aid year specific.

Credits Earned through Study Abroad

Study Abroad approved for credit may be considered enrollment at 51Ʒ State for the purposes of financial aid. Financial Aid is available to study abroad students who qualify. You may also qualify for scholarships from the PSU Foundation or another outside organization.

Disbursement for Books and Supplies

The University must provide a way for a student who is eligible for federal aid to obtain or purchase, by the seventh day of the term, the books and supplies applicable to the term. PSU will begin disbursing aid ten days before the start of the term so that students can purchase books and supplies before the beginning of the term. For questionscontact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

The is a resource for borrowers to use when other approaches to resolving student loan problems have failed. Borrowers should first attempt to resolve complaints by contacting the school, company, agency, or office directly involved. If the borrower has made a reasonable effort to resolve the problem through normal processes and has not been successful, he or she should contact the .

Direct Loan Exit Counseling is completed online at by . Loan borrowers are notified to complete exit counseling when a student nears graduation or if they drop below half-time enrollment. Review the guide for Direct Loan exit counseling which includes comprehensive information required to be disclosed through exit counseling. For questions contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Direct Loan Entrance Counseling is completed online, with the. These must be completed prior to PSU disbursing applicable loan funds to a first-time borrower. There is also a which includes comprehensive information on the terms and conditions of the loan and the borrower's responsibilities. For questions contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

The University will submit student and parent federal loan information to the via the . This information will be accessible by guarantee agencies, lenders, and schools determined to be authorized users of the data system. You can find a detailed history of your federal loans at the . For questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.


Get more information about Private Education Loans (i.e. Alternative Loans) and the process for applying for one. The terms and conditions of federal loans may be more favorable than the provisions of private education loans. PSU recommends utilizing full federal loan eligibility prior to considering the use of a private education loan to finance higher education. For questions contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

The state of Oregon offers grant assistance to students of Oregon. For more information about availability of and eligibility for grant assistance please visit the website of the or by contacting the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships. For students from states other than Oregon, contact your home state's appropriate office to determine if they award state grants for students attending college outside of their home state.

Student Loan Code of Conduct

Student Financial Aid Information

A number of disclosures are required pertaining to student financial aid information. Many of these disclosures are available on the this page. These include:

  • information about need-based and non-need-based federal, state, local, private, and institutional student financial assistance programs;
  • criteria for awarding aid;
  • eligibility requirements;
  • method and frequency of disbursements;
  • rights and responsibilities of students receiving federal aid including continued student eligibility and standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress;
  • procedures for applying;
  • general conditions and terms for federal work-study; and
  • exit counseling information.

Additionally, certain disclosures for loans are made when a student completes their Master Promissory Note for Direct Loans. These loan disclosures include, among other things:

  • terms and conditions of the loans;
  • sample repayment schedule; and
  • the necessity for repaying the loans.

Additional information regarding loans will also be disclosed during Entrance and Exit Counseling. Information such as anticipated loan amount and disbursement date will be provided to students as part of a disclosure statement. For additional information about these disclosures contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Health and Safety

PSU’s Alcohol and Drug Free University Policy exists to promote a safe, healthy, and efficient campus environment. Alcohol and drug abuse pose a threat to health and safety, and to the security of equipment and resources. Accordingly, this policy prohibits the unlawful manufacture, use, dispensing, possession, or distribution of controlled substances as defined in the and prohibits abuse and the unlawful use of alcohol. Understanding that addiction is a disease, the University supports programs for the prevention of alcohol and substance abuse, as well as treatment programs for those with a record of past abuse or who are in treatment; however, current abuse evidenced on campus is not tolerated.

Campus Security Policies, Crime Statistics, and Crime Log

By October 1 each year the University distributes a notice of the security report to all current students and employees. The University also notifies prospective students and employees about the report's availability. The report includes a number of items, including but not limited to:

  • crime statistics; policies for reporting criminal actions or other emergencies;
  • policies concerning security of and access to campus facilities;
  • enforcement authority and jurisdiction;
  • programs designed to prevent crimes;
  • information concerning registered sex offenders;
  • policies concerning possession, use, or sale of alcohol beverages and illegal drugs along with enforcement of laws;
  • timely warnings and emergency notifications;
  • a crime log (which is open for public inspection);
  • emergency response and evacuation procedures;
  • missing person notification policy;
  • programs to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking;
  • institutional disciplinary action in cases of alleged dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking; and
  • information for crime victims about disciplinary proceedings.

Review the report. To review a paper copy of the report or for questions contact the PSU Campus Public Safety Office.

Fire Safety Policies, Fire Statistics and Fire Log (On-Campus Housing Facilities)

The Fire Safety Report is combined with the annual security report (and distributed at the same time. See above.) and includes fire statistics as well as information about the fires for the three most recent calendar years for each on-campus student housing facility. The report also includes policies and procedures concerning fire safety and information about the University's fire log (which is open for public inspection). Review the report. For further questions contact the PSU Campus Public Safety Office.

Privacy of Health Records

In accordance with state and federal laws and professional ethical guidelines established for health, mental health, and dental professionals, the Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) maintains confidential records of all patient contacts. This means that no information about your contact with SHAC will be disclosed to parties outside of SHAC without your written request. For more information contact the Center for Student Health and Counseling.

Vaccination Policies

51Ʒ requires all admitted students born on or after January 1, 1957 to have two doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine, show evidence of immunity to measles (Rubeola), or request a medical or non-medical exemption.

As of March 31, 2023, 51Ʒdoes not require students and employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Student Outcomes

Graduation Rates (Student Right-to-Know Act)

Graduation rate is the percentage of first-time, full-time undergraduate students who complete their program within 150% of the published time for the program. For example, for a four-year degree program, entering students who complete within six years are counted as graduates. . For more information contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

The is intended to make prospective students aware of a school's commitment to providing equitable athletic opportunities for its men and women students. PSU prepares this report annually and it contains participation rates, financial support, and other information on men's and women's intercollegiate athletic programs. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics provides several reports on this data. For additional information contact . .

Retention Rate

Retention rate is the percentage of first-time, full-time undergraduate students who continue at that school the next year. For example, a student who studies full-time in the fall quarter and keeps on studying in the program in the next fall quarter is counted in this rate. The latest retention rate is published on this website. For more information contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

Types of Graduate and Professional Education Programs in which Graduates of PSU Four-Year Degree Programs Enroll

For information about the types of graduate and professional education programs in which our graduates enroll contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning

As part of the , as amended, Congress directed schools to make a good faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to its students. PSU encourages all eligible students to register to vote online through the . The student government runs a voter registration campaign in the Fall Term. Paper voter registration forms are available at the ASPSU office in the Smith Memorial Student Union, 117.

Veterans Educational Benefits

Principles of Excellence

51Ʒ is a participating institution in the Principles of Excellence program (EO 13607) for servicing veterans, service members and their families.

Veterans Benefits Certification

51Ʒ welcomes veterans, active service members and their families. PSU complies with and administers all applicable state and federal educational benefit programs. Contact Veterans Certification for any questions.

Paper copies of any of these policies may be requested by contacting Deanna Smith at smithd@pdx.eduor by calling 503-725-3461.

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