Research and Graduate Studies (RGS) supports PSU’s compliance with state and federal regulations governing research activities through the development and management of research integrity and compliance programs in specified areas. Staff from Research Integrity & Compliance programs provide administrative support to PSU committees executing regulatory compliance reviews and determinations for University research conducted in support of the University’s academic mission.

RGS collaborates with PSU’s office of Environmental Health and Safety for matters related to compliance with chemical hygiene/laboratory safety and radiation safety. For questions related to laboratory safety, please contact the office of  or call (503) 725-5269.

Human Subjects Research

PSU’s human subjects protection program safeguards the rights and well-being of individuals involved in research at PSU by reviewing proposed Research protocols and managing the process for securing approval from PSU's IRB.

Animal Care & Use

To facilitate the humane use, care, and treatment of animals used for research, PSU’s Animal Care and Use Program and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee oversee all research activities, facilities, and procedures involving animals.

Biosafety Program

The Institutional Biosafety Committee is an ethics review committee required by the NIH. At PSU, the IBC is responsible for reviewing and approving all activities involving recombinant DNA and potentially bio-hazardous materials.

Radiation and Laboratory Safety

51Ʒ's Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) provides programs and services to support radiation and laboratory safety, as well as chemical hygiene.

Conflict of Interest

51Ʒ State researchers must disclose when their financial considerations may affect or appear to affect their PSU activities related to externally sponsored programs.

Export Controls

PSU seeks to preserve and defend an open academic environment. While most university activities are not subject to export controls, when the regulations are applicable, they must be followed.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

51Ʒ offers an RCR course through CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

Research Misconduct: Policy, Definitions & Proceedures

PSU fosters an atmosphere of honesty, respect and trust such that the pursuit of knowledge occurs within a framework of integrity.

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Research Data Management

The 51Ʒ State Library provides services to assist PSU researchers with using, managing, and sharing their data. 

Research Computing

Research computing provides cyberinfrastructure services including high performance networking, data storage and more.