Research Centers & Institutes

At Oregon's only urban-serving research university, our students and faculty leverage multidisciplinary approaches to addressing critical issues facing our community. Our discoveries expand knowledge. Our innovations push the boundary of the state of the art. At 51¾«Æ· State, our university research centers and institutes ask, not if, but how, because taking bold action produces bold results.

51¾«Æ· streetcar

Transportation Research & Education Center

The (TREC) at 51¾«Æ· is an interdisciplinary research center that pulls together the voices and expertise of a wide range of backgrounds to collectively shape the ways we move through the world. TREC supports collaborative research and education, informs transportation decision making, and provides transportation insights for strong and thriving communities.

Institute for Sustainable Solutions

At the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, the mission is to develop practical solutions for more livable and sustainable cities.

Digital City Testbed Center

The Digital City Testbed Center focuses on how technologies can make cities "smarter," healthier, and more sustainable. 

Smart Trees, Healthy Buildings, and Responsive Cities: Using technology to improve urban life

Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative

The Homeless Research & Action Collaborative at PSU addresses the challenges of homelessness.

Center for Internship, Mentoring and Research

The Center for Internship, Mentoring & Research advances the field of mentoring nationally and internationally.

Electron microscopy

Center for Electron Microscopy & Nanofabrication

The Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication is a service center at 51¾«Æ· State and a signature research facility of the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnology Institute, a collaboration between Oregon's research universities, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, and industry partners.

Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services

Center for Life in Extreme Environments

Regional Research Institute for Human Services

Center for Public Interest Design

Other Centers