Understanding Waitlists for Students

How do I know when a spot is available in the class?

Once you are on a waitlist, you will not be automatically registered for the class when a space is available. Prior to the beginning of the term, as soon as a seat becomes available you will receive an email notification at your pdx.edu email address. You will have exactly 24 hours from that email notification to claim your seat in the class by following the registration instructions in the email.

If you do not register within 24 hours of your notification, you will be dropped from the waitlist and your seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. If you still wish to remain waitlisted for the course, you will need to re-add yourself to the waitlist through the myPSU Registration Hub.Ìý

If you have a registration hold on your account, you will not be able to move from waitlist to registered status. It is important that you resolve any holds with the office that placed the hold on your account. The Office of the Registrar is not able to remove or override holds to allow you to register for classes.

How do I move from the waitlist to registered status after the term begins?

For In-Person classes:Ìý

You should attend the first class meeting to see if the instructor is able to accommodate more students. You will need to get permission to add waitlisted courses via Special Registration Form or your instructor may opt to grant waitlist override permission electronically via the faculty registration override function. You may submit Special Registration forms to the Registrar's Office in person or via email to registrar@pdx.edu by Friday of the second week of the term.

For online waitlisted classes:

On the first day of the term, you should send your professor an email confirming that you are still interested in the course. If the instructor replies to your email approving your registration you may forward that approval to the Registrar’s Office including your name, PSU ID number, and the exact course information to registrar@pdx.edu.Ìý

Alternatively, your instructor may opt to grant waitlist override permission electronically via the faculty registration override function. If your instructor says they have ‘given you permission electronically’, then you will need to register yourself via the myPSU Registration Hub. In the Summary tab of your registration, first drop yourself from the waitlist by selecting "Drop Waitlist", then re-add the course by selecting "Reinstate Course" from the drop-down menu in the Action field.
The deadline to add courses is Friday of the second week of the term, but you will not have full access in Canvas until you are fully registered for the course. Please remember that having an instructor add you to the Canvas course does not mean you are automatically registered for the class.

When can I access the Canvas platform for the class?

Once the term begins, students who are still on the waitlist for a class will have view only access to the Canvas course materials for the first two weeks of the class. In order to engage in the Canvas platform, or have activity recorded, you must become fully registered for the class (which will require instructor approval).