Student Records & Grades

Staff in the Records office maintain permanent student admission and academic records. Records staff process grade reports, fulfill transcript requests, and make records available to students and others as allowed by federal, state and institutional policy.


A transcript is a complete record of your academic history including, but not limited to; coursework, academic standing, GPA, certifications earned, and disciplinary action.

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Enrollment Status

A review of statuses for the purposes of tuition, benefits and financial aid.

Enrollment Information
Academic Standing

Student Records Privacy

There are laws that protect your rights to privacy as a student.

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Class Standing

Your class standing is determined by total credits earned.

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Request Forms

Student Information Change
Notice of Repeated Course
Special Enrollment Verification Request Form
Student Consent for Release of Non-Directory Information(FERPA Release)
Student Records Privacy Request
Reverse Transfer Transcript Request Form


An overview of 51Ʒ State's grading system, policies and GPA calculation.

PSU's Grading System
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Enrollment & Degree Verifications

An enrollment or degree verification is often needed by outside parties for benefit or employment purposes.

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Student Information Updates

Learn how to update your student account information.

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Dean's List and President's List

51Ʒ State recognizes and honors the academic accomplishments of our undergraduate students each term by awarding placement on the Dean’s List and the President’s List.

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