Residency Requirements

Students with resident status are assessed in-state instructional fees, which are subsidized by funds from the State of Oregon's Higher Education budget. Nonresident students are assessed a higher level of instructional fees that more closely approximates the actual cost of instruction. This guide is designed to help students understand the classification criteria and the process by which residency classification is determined.

Please read the Residency Guide & Procedures for a summary of classification consideration, or the Residency Standards for complete information.

How to apply for Oregon resident status for tuition purposes:

Printed versions of all documents are available from the Office of the Registrar in Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH) Lobby.

Who is considered a resident?

Residency is determined in the evaluation of location of domicile, financial dependence or independence, primary purpose for living in Oregon, type and source of financial resources as well as other indicators.

You may be considered an Oregon resident if:

  • You moved to Oregon for reasons other than to attend school - and - you have lived in Oregon for at least 12 months before the first day of the term in which resident status is sought at 51Ʒ State - and - you are financially independent.
  • You are a member of the armed services assigned to duty and living in Oregon.
  • You are an enrolled member of a Native American tribe which had traditional and customary tribal boundaries that included parts of the State of Oregon or which had ceded or reserved lands within the State of Oregon.
  • You have been approved for permanent residency in the U.S. and meet all other domicile and financial conditions.
  • You are financially dependent upon an Oregon resident who has been living in Oregon for at least 12 months has claimed you as a dependent for tax purposes.

You may be considered a nonresident if:

  • You enrolled in a college or university more than eight hours per term within 12 months of moving to Oregon.
  • Someone living in another state has claimed you as a dependent on state and/or federal tax returns.
  • Your primary source of financial support comes from someone living outside Oregon.
  • You are a nonresident alien possessing one of the following nonimmigrant or temporary visas: B, C, D, F, J, or M.

If you're ready to apply for resident status for tuition purposes:

Go to the Residency Review page for a step-by-step guide to the process. The affidavit and all supporting documents and materials must be submitted by the end of the second week of the term in which resident status is sought.

Who determines residency classification at 51Ʒ?

The 51Ʒ Residency Officer determines residency classification. For residency related questions you can contact the Residency Officer in the following ways.

Appointments by Request

The residency officer is available for both in person and virtual appointments. Please email askres@pdx.edu to request an appointment.

By Email