Registration Hub

Welcome tothe Registration Hub!Thisexperience includes:

  • responsive views for different devices
  • improved display of course information
  • enhanced searching tools
  • conditional add (only drop a course if another section is available)

For more information, these helpful video tutorials will guide you through some of the common functions of the Registration Hub to help you register and make changes to your course schedule.

Please review the screenshots below for information on how to use the different features of the Registration Hub.

New Registration Landing Page

Responsive Views

Desktop: New three-pane registration view for a quick snapshot of your term registration and available actions.

Desktop view Three Pane Search

Tablet View: Two-pane which toggles between Schedule, Details and Summary

Tablet View Two Pane Display

Phone View: Single pane view uses “Hide/Show Schedule” and the top right hamburger menu to toggle between panes.

Mobile view summary
Mobile view search

Improved Advanced Searching

Use Advanced Search to search by title or CRN in the new “Keyword” search, or look for Junior Cluster courses, courses with No Cost textbooks, or search by instructor or day and time.

Basic course search
Advanced course search

Comprehensive Course Information

When searching for courses you can find comprehensive information including course descriptions & section notes, additional fees, prerequisites and bookstore links by clicking on the title.

Comprehensive Course Information

Conditional Add and Drop

If you want to drop a course, but only if a new course is available you can use the Conditional Add and Drop feature to drop the course only if the add is approved. Choose the course you want to add, then select from the drop down action menu for the course you want to drop, and check Conditional Add and Drop before clicking on Submit.

Conditional Add and Drop

Change Grade Option (mobile)

To change a grading option on your mobile device you will need to open the hamburger menu from the top right section under Register for Classes and select Schedule and Options from the black drop-down menu.

Change Grade Option Mobile View

If any of the Grade Options are underlined, there is more than one grading option available for the course.

Available Grade Options mobile view

Click on the underlined grading option twice to see the other options available. To change your option select the new grading option then select Submit.

Select Grade option mobile view

Plan Your Schedule

You can access the Schedule Planner to create a customized schedule that works for you. Once you find the best schedule, send it to your Registration Plan.

Send to registration plan from Schedule Planner

You will find these courses saved under the Plans tab in your Register for Classes view once registration is available for the term.

Register from a plan