Pass Credit Policies & Considerations

Some courses are offered under both differentiated (A-F) and undifferentiated (Pass/No Pass) grading options. The default grading option is A-F but students may choose the P/NP option instead when it is offered. Although the P/NP option may reduce anxiety about performance in a class or GPA (Grade Point Average), there are important differences to consider.

Academic Considerations

  • Pass/No-Pass credits have no effect on GPA
  • Pass credits may not be used to fulfill pre-requisites (except by department approval)
  • Pass credits do not count toward Dean’s List/ President’s List eligibility
  • Pass credits do not count toward
  • Pass credits may not be used to replace grades per the Undergraduate Repeat Policy
  • Some academic programs at PSU with selective admission may not consider a Pass grade for entrance requirements

Undergraduate Degree Applicability

  • Up to 45 Pass credits may be used toward a bachelor’s degree
  • Up to 20 of the final 45 credits at PSU may be Pass grades
  • Many major requirements require differentiated (A-F) grades

Graduate Degree Applicability

  • There is no upper limit on the number of courses graded Pass. However, a minimum 3.00 GPA is requiredto graduate, so at least one course must be taken for a differentiated grade (A-F) to earn a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above.
  • Individual programs may set more restrictive limits on the use of Pass grades.

External Considerations

  • Professional schools (medical, nursing, law, education, etc.) may not accept Pass grades toward meeting a prerequisite or towardslicensure/certification requirements. Even if accepted, they may have limits or look less favorably on Pass grades.
  • Certain sponsors for international students or scholarships may have restrictions or limits on P/NP grading.
  • Employer sponsors may have restrictions or limits on P/NP grading that affect tuition reimbursement eligibility.

Deadlines, Exceptions, & Questions

In fall, winter, and spring terms, grading options may be changed through the end of week 7 of the term. In the summer term, the grade option change varies by length of the class. Deadlines are listed in the academic calendar.

Pass grades earned between Spring 2020 through Spring 2021 have special treatment based on the temporary Pass policy changes enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For questions about whether a P/NP option is appropriate, please consult anacademic advisor.