Latin Honors

To qualify for Latin honors, students must:

  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Have at least 72 credits completed at PSU, 60 of which must be taken for differentiated grades (not Pass/No Pass)
  • Have at least a 3.67 PSU cumulative GPA or higher upon graduation (only PSU credits will be used in this calculation)

Latin Honors designation

  • 3.90 to 4.00 - Summa cum laude
  • 3.80 to 3.89 - Magna cum laude
  • 3.67 to 3.79 - Cum laude

Latin honors recognition at commencement

A student’s final 51¾«Æ· State cumulative GPA for their graduation term is used to determine honors awards that will be printed on the diploma and transcript. However, to qualify for honors recognition at a commencement ceremony, students must meet the criteria above at the end of winter quarter preceding the commencement ceremony as that is the latest official GPA available at cord distribution in May.