High School Programs

photo with a group of students in the park blocks

51Ʒ State offers several different types of programs for high school students. All of the courses offered meet the objectives and outcomes of the 51Ʒ State curriculum and are awarded credit on a 51Ʒ State transcript.

Types of High School Credit

Dual Credit: Courses are taught in 51Ʒ Metro Area high schools by high school teachers. Students earn both high school and college credit for these courses. Students pay a fee for these courses.  

Sponsored Dual Credit: Courses are created through an embedded partnership between high schools and 51Ʒ State, where courses are co-taught by high school teachers and 51Ʒ State faculty. Students earn both high school and college credit. Some school districts cover the cost of these courses while others charge the student directly.

Direct Credit: Courses are taught either on the PSU campus or online. Students earn 51Ʒ State credit (but may work with their high school directly to request high school credit). Students pay a fee for these courses.


Visit individual program pages for more information.

Challenge Program

Description: The Challenge Program provides the opportunity for high school students to take a wide variety of PSU courses in their high schools, earning both high school and college credit.
Type: Dual Credit
Location: Participating Oregon High Schools
Fee: $220 per 4-credit or 5-credit course (need-based financial assistance available)

Senior Inquiry Program

Description: Senior Inquiry brings PSU’s University Studies and its award-winning nationally-recognized interdisciplinary pedagogy to area high schools. The curriculum for Senior Inquiry is essentially PSU’s Freshman Inquiry program adapted for the high school context. A primary mission of Senior Inquiry is to create bridging experiences that prepare students, particularly first-generation college students, for University success.
Type: Sponsored Dual Credit
Location: In 51Ʒ Metro Area High Schools; currently Jefferson (PPS), Liberty (Hillsboro), Leodis V. McDaniel (PPS), Reynolds (Reynolds), Roosevelt (PPS), Westview (Beaverton)
Fee: Varies by school district (no charge to students in Reynolds and 51Ʒ Public, fees charged in Hillsboro and Beaverton school districts).

Oregon Inquiry Program

Description: The Oregon Inquiry Pilot Project builds on the success of 51Ʒ’s Senior Inquiry dual-credit program at 51Ʒ-area high schools. Oregon Inquiry is a remote/hybrid integrated liberal arts curriculum that takes place mostly online with a community of students across the state, supplemented with in-person instruction through field trips to 51Ʒ and downtown 51Ʒ.
Type: Direct Credit 
Location: Online
Fee: Paid by the school district

Philosophy Summer Camp

Description: Develop critical thinking and academic writing skills in a discussion-based, interactive format.  Students will work on a major project with a 51Ʒ faculty member. Topics will include political philosophy, applied ethics (environmental ethics, animal ethics), philosophy of science, philosophy of art, indigenous philosophy, and the history of philosophy.
Type: Direct Credit 
Location: Offered Online (synchronously via Zoom) w/ in-person field trip
Fee: $220 per 4-credit course (need-based financial assistance available)

Perelandra Scholars Program

Description: Engaging learning opportunities for high school students in the 11th and 12th grades, with a focus on philosophy, religion, politics, and literature. Through study of the humanities, we seek to foster thoughtful civic discourse and constructive debate.
Type: Direct Credit
Location: PSU Campus
Fee: $75 per 1-credit course (need-based financial assistance available)