Final Exams

Final Exam Policies and Guidelines

  • Times for final exams in most classes are determined by the hour and day of the first weekly lecture.
  • Examinations are held in the regular classroom unless the instructor indicates other arrangements have been made. Such arrangements must be approved and recorded by the Scheduling Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar.
  • A day class scheduled to begin on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday follows the "Mon" schedule code.
  • A day class scheduled to begin on a Tuesday or Thursday follows the "Tue" schedule code.
  • Students should consult with their instructor(s) to resolve any time conflicts.
  • Weekend classes (Saturday/Sunday) meet during the regularly scheduled time on Saturday of finals week.
  • Some courses have specific exam times as identified. See the department for makeup time if the specific exam is in conflict with a regularly scheduled exam.
  • Graduate classes follow the regular final examination schedule.
  • Inclement weather: If PSU is closed or has a delayed start on any day during the week of final exams, impacted exams for that day will be moved to Friday. If there is a second closed day or delayed start, impacted exams will be moved to either Friday of finals week or the Saturday immediately following finals week, retaining the original scheduled time on the make-up day. If you can not safely arrive at your final exam due to inclement weather please contact your instructor directly via email.

Final Exam Schedules by Term:

Summer 2023
Fall 2023
Winter 2024
Spring 2024
Summer 2024

Policy Statement:

A final exam should be viewed as an integral part of the course, subject to department policy and the nature of the course. It is expected that the final exam date is to be used as the last class meeting in the case when no final exam is required. The use and role of midterms and finals is explained to students at the beginning of the term as part of the course syllabus. The time and date of a final exam should not be altered unless it is necessary to accommodate unavoidable conflicts. Before changing an exam time, instructors should notify the Registrar's Office and accommodate any student who cannot attend during the new time.