Faculty Resources for Online Courses

Welcome to the online course resource page for faculty! This page provides information and resources you will need to create the optimal online course experience for you and your students.

Faculty Resources for Online Learning

Office of Academic Innovation


How do I add a student to my fully online course?

As a Faculty member, you cannot directly register a student to a course. You can assist them with the process by providing them with your approval if the course is at enrollment capacity. If your course is at capacity and you are wanting to add a student, you can sign a Special Registration form or give email approval for the student to take to the Registrar's Office to register in person. You may also be able to provide the student with a Faculty Registration Override through your Banweb account. You can find out more about this process here.

How do I add a waitlisted student to my online course?

Before the term begins, you have the ability to grant a registration override for all registration restrictions EXCEPT an open waitlist. If a student is on the waitlist for your course, they will need to go through the automated waitlist process. Once a spot opens up for them, they will be able to register via their banweb account. Instructor approval will not grant registration for a course with an open waitlist.

The day the term begins, however, the automated waitlist functionality will turn off. At this point, instructor approval will allow the student to register with a signed Special Registration Form, approval to add via email to the student, or a Faculty Registration Override in Banweb. The student may submit the form or email to the Registrar's Office during the add period to register for the course or register online after the Faculty Registration Override has been submitted.

When is my online course material available in Canvas?

The course material is made available to the student when you have activated your course shell and the student has registered. The course/information is not available to students until the instructor has activated it.

What are my availability expectations?

Instructors should work with their academic department to determine expectations. Instructor availability should be communicated to students in the course syllabus. Additionally, it is helpful to communicate availability information on the "news" or "calendar" sections of the Canvas course site.

What if a student says s/he's registered, but s/he doesn't appear on Canvas?

Canvas can take up to 24 hours to load for a course after the student has registered. If the student has been registered in the course for a relatively longer period of time than 24 hours, and you can see that the student is on your class roster, you can add the student to Canvas.

Can I submit final grades on Canvas?

Canvas is a great tool for recording grades/progress; however, it is not a means of entering Final Grades. In order for a final grade to be posted to a student's record, it must be entered through your Faculty Services account in banweb.