Faculty Registration Override

Faculty Registration Override allows the instructor of record of a course to provide registration overrides for individual students directly in Banweb. Instructors can override pre-requisites, co-requisites, class/level/major restrictions, student attributes, departmental approval, and time conflicts during pre-term registration. Once the term begins, class capacity can also be overridden.

Once you have placed an override, the student must take the additional step of registering for the course -- placing the override does not enroll the student directly -- it is the equivalent of you providing them written permission or signing a Special Registration Form.

Please Note: Certain schools and colleges, such as the School of Business and the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, may not allow instructors to override particular restrictions, e.g. pre-requisite and college restrictions. Please check with your department for specific override protocol.

Before the Term Begins

Course capacity overrides are not available before the start of the term, and therefore cannot be used to sign in students from the waitlist. If a student is on the waitlist, they must wait for a space to open up with the automated waitlist system. If you wish to increase the capacity for your course prior to the term beginning, please work with your departmental scheduler to do so formally.

After the Term Begins (Weeks 1-2)

The ability to override course capacity begins at the start of the term. You will now be able to submit either an “Override All” override or a “Capacity or Waitlist” override to allow the student to register for your closed or waitlisted class. Waitlisted students who receive a Faculty Override must register themselves in the course via Banweb. Under Add/Drop Courses, students must first drop from the waitlist by selecting "Drop Waitlist", then re-add the course by selecting "Reinstate Course" from the drop-down menu in the Action Field.

To Use Faculty Registration Override

Follow these instructions (or ):

  • Log in to
  • Select Faculty Services
  • Select
Screenshot of Faculty Course Information Menu
  • Select the Term for which you want to add an override from the drop down menu, and enter the student ID, then click [Submit]
Screenshot of student ID selection page
  • Confirm the student selection, by clicking the row in the “student or advisee selection” pane.
Screenshot of student advisee selection
  • Select the override type and the course for which the override is being placed, and click [Submit].
Screenshot of registration override menu
  • Note: before the first day of the term, this list does not include options for overriding the capacity of a course. Once the term begins, capacity overrides will be available.
  • Confirm that your selection is appropriately saved in the “Current Student Overrides” pane.
  • If necessary, you can place multiple overrides at once by again selecting the override type and pressing [Submit] again. You can also view all current overrides, placed by you or others, in the “Current Student Overrides” pane.
Screenshot of overview of student overrides

  • After you have given approval, students must then go into Banweb and register themselves for the course. Your action does not actually register them.
  • To select another student, click “Back to ID selection”.
  • Note: once an override is saved, there is no way to remove it via Banweb. If you need to remove an override that has been saved, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Video Tutorial

Override Descriptions

Department Approval

Overrides the Department Approval restriction, if placed by the department. Additionally allows students to register during week 2, when instructor/department approval is required for any course additions. This does not override any other restrictions, such as capacity or pre-requisites.

Capacity or Waitlist

Available starting the first day of the term; overrides course capacity limits, or allows waitlisted students to fully register for the course. Note, after this is placed, waitlisted students must drop themselves from the waitlist and reinstate the course in order to register.


Overrides co-requisite restrictions. Please confirm with your department that this is allowed and appropriate.


Overrides pre-requisite restrictions. Please confirm with your department that this is allowed and appropriate.

Field of Study/College/Class

Overrides major restrictions, college code restrictions, or class level (Junior/Senior/etc) restrictions.

Time Conflict

Overrides a time conflict with another course already on the student’s schedule. Please be aware that this may impact Final Exam schedules.

Student Attribute

Overrides student attribute restrictions, such as if the student is part of a specific cohort or special population.

Override All - Not Capacity

Overrides all above restrictions except for course capacity. Prior to the term, course capacity can be adjusted with department schedulers. After the term begins, you can separately override capacity. Please confirm with your department that this is allowed and appropriate.

Override All - Including Capacity

Available once the term begins: Overrides all above restrictions including course capacity. Please confirm with your department that this is allowed and appropriate.