There are general university guidelines related to attendance, however, specific course policies may be determined by each professor and should be outlined in the course syllabus.

Academic Calendar

Undergraduate Missed Class Policy

It is the responsibility of each instructor to determine and publish the class attendance policy in the course syllabus distributed to enrolled students at the beginning of the quarter. The instructor has the discretion as to whether to excuse an absence, in accordance with this policy.

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of absences due to university-sanctioned events or personal responsibilities in writing at the earliest possible opportunity. If a student must miss class due to an unforeseen event, the student must inform the instructor of the reason for the absence.

Absences not cleared with an instructor before the specific class event (exam, presentation, assignment due) may require documentation/substantiation at the instructor's discretion. If the instructor decides that the absence is justifiable, then they should attempt to provide opportunities for equivalent work. When absences are approved beforehand by the student and instructor, the instructor will allow students to make up missed work and/or give an option to attain attendance points.

When there is a dispute between students and instructors over the opportunity to make up work or attendances, the issue will be adjudicated by the chair of the department and then (only if needed) the dean of that school or their designee.

The student may not place any undue burden on the instructor to provide opportunities to make up course work due to excused absences.


Students are responsible for dropping courses they do not attend. Non-attendance does not cancel tuition charges, nor does it prevent the course and grade (probably an F, NP, X, or M) from appearing on the student's academic record.

Some departments have a policy of dropping students for non-attendance to accommodate other students trying to enroll. If this happens, the student:

  1. remains responsible for any tuition charges associated with the registration, and
  2. the course may be recorded permanently on the academic record, depending on when the department processes the drop.

Religious Accommodations Policy

The PSU community is enriched by individuals of many faiths that have various religious observances, practices and beliefs. All PSU faculty and staff are expected to create and maintain a culture that strives towards deepening respect for and understanding of religious differences within our community. In affirming this diversity, it is PSU policy and practice to provide religious accommodations for students and employees (faculty and staff) unless the accommodation would create an undue hardship.

Students should make arrangements with their instructors prior to the date(s) of the religious observance.

For further information please refer to the Religious Accommodations Policy (this will download as a pdf document).

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather conditions may require University closure, late opening, canceled events, or reduced operations. 51Ʒ’s weather forecasts and road conditions are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Closure announcements are made via PSU Alert, posted to the PSU website, posted to social media and local news media. When the University suspends on-campus operations, classes held on the PSU campus are canceled and instructors may arrange makeup classes. Remote classes continue as scheduled. If a closure occurs during finals week, changes to the finals schedule will be posted online in response to evolving conditions.

Faculty can visit the Office of Academic Innovation's for Information on Minimizing Impact to Final Exams and Class Meetings.