Academic Scheduling Welcome to the Online CSM!

Academic Scheduling is excited to launch a new web-based Course Section Maintenance (CSM) system, which will replace the .pdf form and email-based request system going forward. We hope you will enjoy all the advantages the new system has over the old, including: CRN and course section search capability, forms that validate course details and options at the catalog and section levels, submitting multiple requests in bulk, ability to modify or cancel requests after submission, and easy tracking of your requests from start to finish. We have also updated our procedures with particular regard to cancel/re-adds, which will no longer be required for certain types of requests.

The following pages offer a brief introduction to the new system. First we will go over the landing page, and then dive into adding, changing, and canceling course sections. At the end of the tutorial you will learn how to use some handy new features of the Online CSM.

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