Academic Scheduling Summer Session

Summer Term Scheduling

Academic Scheduling handles scheduling for Summer Session including drafts, rooming and CSM's.

Parts of Term (POT) & Grading

Summer 2023 Grading Deadlines will give you an overview of general add, drop, withdraw and grade option change deadlines. The deadlines are determined based on the length of the class.

Summer 2023 POT for Faculty will display the length of class, actual start and end dates as well as the grading window for each part of term. Ā Hopefully this will assist faculty in selecting when they might offer their course and when the grading window will be open for the selected part of term. Ā *Please forward just this short form to faculty for planning*

Summer 2023 POT for Department Scheduling will display the complete part of term planning including actual start and end dates; actual add, drop, withdraw and grading window dates.

For more information on Summer, please refer to the official Summer Session site.