Academic Scheduling SFASRPO - Registration Permit Overrides

This screen allows departments to override course restrictions or registration errors in BANNER to aid students with future registration online. Once the override has been entered, students may add previously restricted courses through myPSU. To override a restriction, pre-requisite, co-requisite, time-conflict, or department approval, you will use the BANNER form SFASRPO.

  1. Enter the student ID and term, then select "Go" (or Alt + PgDn)
  2. Enter the permit override code (or click on the ellipsis in the permit field to view options):
    1. APPR: Department Approval
    2. CORQ: Co-requisite
    3. PREQ: Pre-requisite
    4. RSTR: Major/minor Code, College Code, Class Level
    5. ATTR: Student Attribute Code
  3. Enter the course details
    1. To override a specific section of a course, enter just the CRN
    2. To override all sections of a course,  enter the subject and course number
  4. Save (or F10)

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