Academic Scheduling Handy New CSM Features

How to submit multiple requests in bulk

CSM requests can be submitted in bulk to ensure that they are processed together- this is especially helpful when adding two or more crosslisted course sections, lecture courses with corresponding lab sections, or linked inquiry courses. To do this, you'll need to keep your forms in-progress by filling out your CSMs and clicking the  "Save Changes" button at the end of each (do not submit). 

When you're ready to submit, return to your landing page to the "In-Progress" tab and click the checkboxes on the far-right for anything you want to submit together. Click the green envelope button below to submit.

How to copy an existing course section's details to an add CSM

Search for the course section you wish to copy, either by entering the CRN or searching by subject and course number. Click on the green "Copy" button.

A new add CSM form will open with all of the copied section's course details filled in- you may edit any of these fields as needed, or submit as-is.

How to edit or cancel a request after submitting

Submitted CSMs can be edited or canceled if Academic Scheduling has not yet begun processing them. On your landing page, in the "Submitted Requests" tab, find the request you wish to edit or cancel and click its corresponding action button on the right.

Once Academic Scheduling begins processing a request it is locked and can no longer be edited or canceled.

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