Academic Scheduling Field Definitions

Below are detailed descriptions or examples for each field on the CSM form.  They are grouped by section as they are on the form.

Section A

  • Action: This is where you select if you are going to Add, Change or Cancel a course
  • Year, Term: i.e. 2015 and Winter
  • Subject: Course subject code, i.e. ANTH
  • Course Number: Discrete or omnibus course number (see your approved courses in the PSU Bulletin)
  • Section Number: Enter the 3-character section number you would like. If there are multiple sections of the course number, the section number must be unique for each section.  If you do not choose a section number, the next number in the series will be chosen for you.
  • CRN: Enter the CRN if you are changing or deleting an existing section. Leave this blank when adding a new section.
  • Credits: Enter the number of credits that the course will be offered for. Credit ranges for courses are pre-determines and approved at the catalog level.
  • Enter the approved course title here. There is a 30-character limit for this field, including spaces, punctuation, and prefixed (TOP:, SEM:, SPST:, etc. as applicable). See the for approved titles.

Section B

  • Campus Code: This field is associated with billing. Traditional billing (in-load) courses are "I".
  • Instructional Method
    • WEB (Fully Online): a course taught asynchronously via the Internet. Students are not required to come to campus to complete this course and a classroom is not scheduled for this course, nor are meeting times published in the schedule of classes
    • Hybrid (Partially Online): A web-enhanced course with reduced classroom meetings and a significant amount of the course content presented via the Internet. Some classroom meetings are required and rooms should be scheduled accordingly with partial meeting dates included if applicable.
  • Grade Modes
    • A-F Only: Only A-F differential grading is allowed
    • P/NP Only: Only pass/no pass grading is allowed
    • Optional: A-F and P/NP grading are both allowed. Students register for the default grade method and can then change it in myPSU.
    • Audit only: Only OAA approved sections can be set up for Audit only registration. Students may register as audit for any section. See the schedule of classes for more information.
    • B (In-Progress): This grade mode is restricted to special multi-term courses approved through OAA.
  • Publication Status:
    • "Print" allows the CRN to be advertised in the online schedule of classes
    • "No Print" will restrict the CRN from being viewable in the online schedule of classes. Students can still register if they have the CRN.
    • Departmental Approval (DP): Students need to obtain department or instructor approval to register, either with an override in SFASRPO or with a Special Registration Form
  • Class size:
    • Section cap is the max enrollment allowed for the section
    • Waitlist cap is the number of spaces available on a wait list. When this is set at 0, there is no waitlist for the course
  • Cross-list Information: 
    • Enter the class (Subject, Course, Section & CRN) that you want to cross-list the course with. 
    • Always cross-list sections that are meeting together (if this doesn’t happen classes may be placed in different rooms and it can cause problems with registration).  
    • Include the global cap size.  
    • See the for detailed policy.
  • Instructor Information: Include the instructor's name and PSU ID number. If there are multiple instructors, mark which is the primary instructor and include responsibility percentages for each. Enter "Staff" if an instructor is not currently assigned to the section.
  • ǴdzٲԴdzٱ:
    • If the course is Fully Online, Hybrid, or RDT, check the appropriate box(es) and we will add the corresponding default footnote text:
      • Fully Online: This course is Fully Online and requires you to have an ODIN account. To create an ODIN account and get instruction for its activation, go to the . You must be enrolled in the class before you can access the course in Canvas. You should be able to access the course online no later than the first day of the term. Fully online courses are assessed an online learning fee of $40 per credit.
      • Hybrid: This is a Hybrid course and is taught partially online with reduced in-class time. You are required to have an ODIN account. To create an ODIN account and get instruction for its activation, go to the . You must be enrolled in the class before you can access the course in Canvas. You should be able to access the course online no later than the first day of the term.
      • RDT: This is a restricted differential tuition class. Tuition & Fees for restricted differential tuition courses are assessed separately from the charges associated with regular courses and these credits do not apply for the purpose of health insurance eligibility. The cost for this course is indicated in the Fee column. For more details, please see the Tuition & Fees section. Students enrolled in restricted differential tuition courses are charged the $41 per term Student Recreation Center fee and will have full access to the Recreation Center and related services.
    • For all other footnotes, add your custom footnote text

Section C

  • Meeting Times/Days: Fill out using military time (i.e. 1300 for 1:30pm) See the class schedule time grid for meeting patterns. Enter TBA if the meeting days and times are to be entered at a later date.
  • Partial Term Dates: If a class is meeting only a few days during the term, please enter those dates here (i.e. 7/15, 8/4, 9/2). If the class is meeting the whole term, please leave this space blank. Always be sure to include a footnote for classes that meet partial term.
  • Part of Term Code: Parts of term codes are valid for Summer session only.
  • Location details: Either enter room assignment (for your departmentally controlled space), needs for general pool assignment, designate as off campus or fully online, or request a specialty room (i.e. Distance Learning Classroom or ICCH computer lab).

Section D

  • Restrict Enrollment To: This area allows you to restrict your class enrollment to the following:
    • Majors/minors (alpha code)
    • Student attributes (alpha code)
    • College codes (2-digit numeric code)
    • Class level (2-digit numeric code)
      • 00 (Non-admit)
      • 01 (Freshman)
      • 02 (Sophomores)
      • 03 (Juniors)
      • 04 (Seniors)
      • 05 (Post-Bac)
      • 06 (Graduate)
  • Fees: Enter fee codes and amounts
  • Course Attributes:
    • CBL (Community Based Learning): A type of course that explicitly engages students in addressing community issues in order to increase students’ understanding and application of academic content. Examples include course-embedded service-learning, field experiences, capstones, and other community engagement and/or research projects.  Contact OAA for questions concerning CBL.
    • Program Attributes: Alpha-numeric codes assigned to certain programs or cohorts.

Section E

  • Notes: Enter any comments if you have additional information or need to explain something further. If you want students moved over from a CRN you are canceling into the new section, please include that detail here.
  • Department Information: Include your name, phone extension, and the date.