Academic Scheduling CSM Policies and Procedures

Academic Scheduling has updated CSM policies and procedures with regard to what types of CSMs are required for various scheduling actions. Notably, most actions that formerly required a full cancel/re-adding of a section can now be requested as changes.

Departments are responsible for notifying registered students of any changes that impact their class schedule, degree requirements, or billing.

Submit cancel and add CSM requests for the following actions (please be sure to indicate in the notes section if registered students should be moved to the new section or dropped):

  • Credit hour change
  • Title change

Submit a change CSM request for the following actions:

  • Any change to meeting days and/or times (please notify all registered students of this change)
  • Instructional method change (please notify all registered students of this change)
  • Campus code change
  • Schedule type change (in-person, hybrid, fully online)
  • Location change to/from Off-Campus
  • Grade mode change
  • Fee change (fees still cannot be added/increased after the start of the term)
  • Add/Remove course restrictions
  • Add/Remove course attributes (including WIC and CBL designations)
  • Room change request
  • Instructor change
  • Footnote change
  • Section number change
  • Add/Remove Departmental Approval (DP)
  • Cap change (section, global, and waitlist caps)