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Scheduling Policy

The following documents outline detailed scheduling policies.

General Pool Rooms & Automated Scheduling

Courses having standard classroom meeting times (in-grid) will receive scheduling priority for general pool classrooms. Ā Courses having non-standard meeting times (out-of-grid) will be roomed after courses that fit into the standard time-grid have been roomed.

Classes offered for academic credit will have scheduling priority over other, not-for-credit events.

General pool classrooms are scheduled using Ad Astra, a software to establish the ā€œbest fitā€ for size and availability.

Departmentally Controlled Classrooms

Departments with dedicated classrooms and seminar rooms are expected to schedule these rooms for classes before requesting room assignments from the general pool.

Departmentally-controlled classrooms are available for general pool assignment when they are not in use for departmentā€™s credit-bearing courses. Ā ARR will deploy these controlled spaces exclusively on an as-needed, case-by-case basis to accommodate unmet demands from other departments. Ā Rooms will be available for central scheduling for credit classes through the end of the second week of the term. Ā This policy requires departments to consider all non-instructional, ad-hoc use of classrooms to be tentative until university enrollment/registration needs for the term have been met.

All departments that control classrooms having >39 capacity and which do not meet a minimum 75% fill rate will be asked to assign two or more class time periods during the M/W/F or T/TH 10:00-14:00 time periods for general pool instructional placements. Ā Unused rooms held by ARR will be released to the departments by the end of the second week of the term. Ā This policy requires scheduling software not currently in use.

Departments which control space are encouraged to negotiate ā€œpairingsā€ with other departments for efficient use of controlled classroom utilization. Ā  A minimum 75% fill rate remains a requirement for ā€œpairedā€ sections.

Shared Classrooms

Departments with designated general purpose shared classrooms are given priority pre-assignment into their shared classroom. To place a course in a shared classroom, the course must be in-grid and meet the 75% minimum fill. Ā Ā 

Once departments have finished rooming open times are utilized for scheduling of all other courses.