Academic Scheduling Ad Astra

Ad Astra is our web-based room scheduling software. Departments use Ad Astra to room courses in their departmentally controlled space, request general pool classrooms, assign preferences, request computer labs and request distance learning classrooms.

Ad Astra Departmental Rooming

Ad Astra opens for departments to room approximately 4 weeks after the draft deadline.  Departments are given two weeks to complete their rooming.

Rooming for Summer 2020 is scheduled to open on March 2, 2020.

Assigning Rooms & Features

Rooming in Ad Astra is accomplished via the .  

Refer to our for department schedulers, which includes detailed instructions for assigning departmental rooms, requesting general pool rooms, and requesting specific features.

The following are features that are available for general pool classrooms: Chalkboard, Fixed Tables & Chairs, Fixed Tablet-arm Chairs, Moveable Tables & Chairs, Moveable Tablet-arm Chairs, Whiteboard and Window.  Please do not select any other features.

If you are having problems rooming a course in Ad Astra, please first make sure that you are in edit mode by clicking on the pencil icon that corresponds with the course that you are trying to room. If you are already in edit mode, make sure that your class cap does not exceed the cap of the room.  Ad Astra will not allow you to schedule a class in a room that is smaller than the cap of the course.