Deadline Appeals Petition

The Deadline Appeals Committee reviews petitions to make registration changes after a deadline has passed for the current term. Please review the add/drop deadlines prior to submitting a petition. Students can request to add, drop or withdraw from courses as well as request grade option changes and refunds of tuition. Past term changes to undergraduate courses may be requested via the Scholastic Standards Petition, and past term changes to graduate courses via the Graduate Petition found on the Graduate School Forms page.

Appeal Actions

  • Select which deadline you are petitioning (add, drop/withdraw, add & drop, grade option change)
  • Write a thorough explanation of the extenuating circumstances* which prevented you from meeting the registration deadline (you may write directly in the explanation field, or copy and paste from Word, Google Docs, etc.). You must also indicate if you are requesting a refund associated with a drop or withdraw request.

Supporting Documentation

Medical documentation**

  • letters from doctor or clinician
  • hospital stay information

Non-Medical documentation

  • Police or traffic reports
  • Work schedule verified by employer
  • Documentation of birth or death
  • Documentation of other reason(s) why the deadline could not be met

Petitions that do not include supporting documentation may be denied.

Submit Petition

Once the online petition is submitted, it will automatically be routed for further information from the instructor(s) and any applicable special programs. Student action is not required for the following steps.

Instructor Input

The instructor(s) of the course(s) you're petitioning will be automatically notified when your petition is submitted.
Instructor input is required in order for your petition to be reviewed.

Special Program Review (if applicable)

You may be contacted by one of the following departments in regards to your petition:

  • Athletics
  • Veterans Certification
  • International Student Services
  • Financial Aid

Petition Committee Review

  • Completed petitions are reviewed weekly throughout the current term.
  • The timeline for review depends on the timeliness of routing for the instructor input and whether your petition requires special program/department review. Once a petition is complete, it will be reviewed at the next weekly meeting.
  • All Deadline Appeal Petitions must be submitted by Friday of finals week.

Notification of Decision

Once the petition is reviewed notification of the decision will be emailed to your pdx.edu email address.

*Any information disclosed about child abuse or sexual assault/interpersonal violence may be subject to mandatory reporting requirements, which means that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. To speak confidentially to a campus advocate prior to completing this form, please contact the Women's Resource Center at 503.725.5672 or the Queer Resource Center at 503.725.9742.

**Medical Withdraw: Students whose medical circumstances make it impossible to complete the form can contact the Registrars Office. If the student is unable to make the request, a representative, such as a family member, may contact the Registrars Office regarding the student's medical withdrawal.