Gaining Access & Navigating for Academic Success

GANAS Scholars Program

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GANAS Scholars Program is a year-long support/mentor program designed to help new Latino/a students transition to P.S.U from high school.Students enrolled in this program will become active members of the campus community and will acquire skills and tools that will lead to continuing success beyond the first year at P.S.U.

This program accepts close to 40new students every year and provides some financial assistance for the first year.All enrolled students receive assistance to actively identify additional financial resources to support their education.Overall the GANAS program provides a variety of services intended to help students adjust to the college environment and achieve their academic goals.

Participants engage in a two-week Connect Program & College Success Course prior to starting fall term to get a head start, connect with new students, peer mentors and learn about PSU resources that are essential to student success.Central themes to this two-week Connect Program & College Success Course include exploring cultural identity, establishing community among incoming students, and learning strategies for academic success, such as study skills, time management, money management and effective communication. The college success course is designed specifically to address challenges that diverse students sometimes encounter.The course will provide an overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully transition to college. Students will: share their educational goals, personal strengths, and cultural norms; identify areas in which they may need support; and become familiar with support services and other resources on campus and in the community.


The GANAS program incorporates current, successful P.S.U students to serve as mentors to new freshman students.Trained mentors in this program serve as role models to new students, empowering them to achieve academic success.As mentors help students build an on-campus community, they develop skills important to becoming future leaders.