Success lives here. 

The start of your college journey begins in our residence halls. We believe that living on campus sets the foundation for success at 51¾«Æ·. Research shows that first-year students who live on campus report higher grades on average, are more likely to stay in school, and report a more positive college experience upon graduating.

First Year Experience (FYE) program helps you transition from high school to our beautiful urban campus, get academic support, make friends, and create a home at 51¾«Æ·. Students under the age of 20 and who graduated from high school less than a year prior to enrolling at PSU qualify for our program. Students who took a gap year after high school and have less than 30 college credits may also be eligible.

Term rates are billed to each student account at the beginning of each term. Rates include electric, water, gas, trash, and high-speed internet. Monthly payment plan available.

First Year On-Campus Housing Requirement

First year students who live more than 25 miles away from campus at the time of application, are under 20 years of age on the first day of the term, and who enroll in 8 or more credits, are required to live in a PSU residence hall during their first academic year (fall, winter, and spring terms).

This requirement applies to first year students, regardless of class standing, who graduated from high school less than one year prior to their first day of classes at PSU. For example, if you graduated high school in June and you start at PSU the following September (fall term), you are required to live in the residence halls and have a PSU meal plan for one academic year. First year students who start during Summer term are expected to live on campus the following academic year.

Non-compliance with the on-campus housing requirement will result in a fee equal to that of the highest cancellation fee.

Below is the criteria for exemption requests to live off campus.

Exemption CriteriaExemption Request Deadline

Exemptions may be considered for first year students who identify with any of the following living situations:

  • Living with parent, legal guardian, or grandparent within a 25 mile radius of PSU's campus
  • Married or in a registered domestic partnership/civil union
  • Has a legal dependent living in the same household
  • Has a religious belief that cannot be accommodated on campus
  • Medical or disability circumstances that cannot be accommodated on campus
  • Current active US military or veteran status

If you feel you qualify for an exemption but it is not listed above, submit the exemption form in the Housing Portal and provide a detailed description of your situation and applicable documentation.

Fall Term 2024: August 15, 2024

Exemption Review

The Housing Requirement Exemption Committee (primarily made up of representatives from Admissions, Student Affairs, Disability Resource Center, and University Housing) is the authority for exceptions. Exemption requests will be available for 2024-2025 starting in early December 2023.