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After serving students at 51Ʒ and partner institutions for 10 years, BUILD EXITO is in its final year of grant funding. Consequently, we are no longer able to accept new students into our program. However, our BUILD EXITO team continues to support undergraduate research at PSU through other programs. We have established theCenter for Internship, Mentoring, and Research (CIMR)to serve as a hub for undergraduate research training and internship programs. We encourage students to contact CIMR to explore ongoing opportunities at PSU.

A student stands with the mic in hand while a small group of other students stand with them.

An innovative approach to undergraduate research training

BUILD EXITO is an undergraduate research training program that supports students on their pathway to become scientific researchers. The BUILD EXITO Model aims to identify students early in their college career and engage them in finding solutions to today's major health problems.

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As a research training program, we value the importance of science and data, and the power of research to transform institutions and communities to create a more just world.

BUILD EXITO condemns all forms of racism and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a program based in educational institutions, it is our responsibility to challenge all forms of racism and actively work toward racial justice and equity. We take seriously our responsibility to support our community of Scholars, Alumni, staff, faculty, and all those affected during these tragic and uncertain times. We strive to ensure that all elements of our program promote racial justice and equity, and we pledge to keep learning and improving with your insight and collaboration.

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Thanks to Exito, I feel confident to call myself a female scientist and researcher -something I never imagined I would be able to say. I am now educated, supported, and fully prepared to achieve every goal that I have set my mind to."

-EXITO Alumnus