Acting on Equity & Racial Justice

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Acting on Equity & Racial Justice

Equity plan

PSU Equity & Racial Justice Plan

The Plan for Equity & Racial Justice is a comprehensive 3-year plan that was created by months of collaboration between PSU students and employees -- all to realize an equitable and just university experience for all.

51¾«Æ· StateÌıUniversity will be a place where all students have the opportunity to succeed and whereÌıstudents and employees feel safe, feel a sense of belonging, and prosper — no matter theirÌıbackground.

- President Stephen Percy


It is time for 51¾«Æ· State to accelerate its effort to combat racism and advance social justice across our campus with dogged determination and long-term commitment. We will build on the work of many to engage all of PSU in this effort, applying an antiracist lens to every signal we send, every model we create, and every policy we enact. We will measure our progress and hold each other to account. We will double down on our efforts to expand diversity—among our administrators, faculty, staff, and students—and ensure success for all.Ìı

When we get it right: PSU will have designed and implemented measurable steps to eradicate persistent and structural racism, ushering in success for all students, more equitable working conditions, and an environment where people feel safe, belong, and prosper.

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One year into our ambitious three-year racial justice and equity action plan, 51¾«Æ· State leaders say progress has been made but there is still more work to be done to realize an equitable and just university experience for all.


Get Involved

Interested in getting your boots on the ground to help with the Plan Initiatives? Sign up to join the Diversity Action Council (DAC) as a general member and/or implementation committee member and pave the way for meaningful change!

Equity Task ForceÌıRecommendations

More than 500 members of the 51¾«Æ· community created a vision for a just and equitable campus at the Time to Act Fall 2020 Equity Summit. Five cross-campus task forces then recommended continuing actions to make that vision a reality.

PrioritizedÌırecommendations qualified for funding through the Racial Equity Fund — with each task force receiving $50,000 for investments to advance student retention and success, nurture an empowering climate for BIPOC employees, and support the development and deployment of an anti-racist lens.Ìı

We encourage you to review each task force's initiatives in the .

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Leadership and Infrastructure: Coordinate organizational change to support our diversity goals, create a structure thatÌısupports the implementation of diversity and inclusion goals and the achievement ofÌıdesired outcomes, and set PSU on the path for becoming a model of sustained success inÌıthe areas of access, racial justice, inclusion and equity in our region and among our peerÌıand aspirational institutions.


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Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations: Develop a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity by creating a welcomingÌıcampus climate that is supportive of all students, and that fosters positive and meaningfulÌıinteractions across different cultures.


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Employee Access, Success and Equity: To recruit and retain a diverse workforce, this work group proposes using trauma-informed care practices, targeting talent development to prioritize marginalized employees, and creating more opportunities to hire and promote BIPOC individuals.


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Education, Scholarship and Service: Develop a curriculum that fosters domestic and international cultural competenciesÌıthrough curricular and co-curricular content and experiences, with an emphasis onÌıexperiential learning.ÌıEnsure that students and employees become literate in their own, and other cultures, andÌıexperiences, and are competent in interacting across difference.ÌıFoster cognitive complexity and critical thinking in the areas of diversity, equity, andÌıinclusion.

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Student Access, Success and Equity: The task force recommends developing an equity framework for student communications to remove any microaggressions or links to racial trauma. They also propose creating a committee of first-generation students to train staff in student services,Ìıexpand capacity-building experiences and culturally-specific supports to increase theÌıretention ofÌıBIPOCÌıstudents.



Join an Affinity Group

Make connections and get support in PSU’s Affinity Groups and Employee Resource Groups. These inclusive, safe and empowering groups provide opportunities for faculty and staff with underrepresented and marginalized identities to build communities and support one another professionally.

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Foundational Resources

The work of the Equity Task Forces will draw from, and advance, the great work that has been done by different bodies on campus including the Diversity Action Council, affinity groups, and ad hoc task forces that are focused on the needs of various BIPOC communities.

Ideas in Action

51¾«Æ· State is building on years of workÌıby students, faculty and staff to make our campus just and equitable. It’s important to celebrate our progress as we acknowledge how much farther we still have to go to reach our goals. We are engaging with our community, creating innovative programs, and taking bold action to make meaningful change. We invite you to to be featured here.