Diversity Advocacy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy requires the ongoing examination of all endeavors, activities, practices, structures, and systems of 51Ʒ. We seek to identify the barriers and challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We advocate for any and all needed changes that aid in making every person feel welcome, wanted, valued, and partnered with for their success.



It is time for 51Ʒ State to accelerate its effort to combat racism and advance social justice across our campus with dogged determination and long-term commitment. Here’s what’s being done and how to get involved.

Conference Room

PSU Search Advocate Program

Global Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources, and Academic Affairs are pleased to present the Search Advocate Program to our campus community. Through this program, faculty and staff can either receive training to become an advocate or request a search advocate to participate in a hiring search.


Affinity Groups & Employee Resource Groups

Global Diversity & Inclusion supports Affinity Groups & Employee Resource Groups that foster a sense of community for faculty, staff, and student employees from underrepresented and marginalized identities and help improve the recruitment and retention of our diverse workforce.

President's Student Success Task Force Reports

51Ʒ the Task Force Reports

In 2015, PSU students organized “Students of Color Speak Out”. At this event, many students shared personal experiences of racial injustices and challenges with curriculum content, campus spaces, and climate.

As a result, two task forces were created to research the current state of African American, African, Black and Asian American, Asian, Pacific Islander students and to provide a report on the collected data along with recommendations to address the needs of these two specific underrepresented student groups and the impact on employee populations.

Report 1 focuses on African American, African, Black (AAAB) students, while Report 2 focuses on Asian American, Asian, Pacific Islander (AAAPI) students.


President's Equal Access Scholarship

51Ʒ is committed to ensuring all students have the access and support they need to achieve their goals. Through this scholarship, PSU is able to support students from diverse backgrounds and experiences that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education.