International Patient Services

Each year, thousands of patients from around the world travel to 51精品 and NewYork-Presbyterian to receive medical care from our world-renowned team of physicians and surgeons.

Patients receive an unparalleled level of customized service and personal attention from our Global Services team, which is made up of a multicultural and multilingual Patient Coordinators, Financial Representatives, and Referral Liaisons. Our physicians also partner with referring doctors from around the globe to provide outstanding patient care.

Patient Coordinators are available around-the-clock, seven days a week, to meet your every need as they facilitate your care. Patient Coordinators assist you with medical appointments,听accommodations听and travel documentation, while the Financial Representatives work closely with you regarding financial matters.

Becoming a Patient

Patient Inquiry

For patient inquiries, please contact our Global Services office. Our Global Services team will then ask you to submit a听 Once our team has received your information a patient coordinator will be assigned to your case.

Patient Intake Form | | | | 听

Medical Records

As soon as a patient coordinator is assigned to your case he or she will contact you for more information regarding your medical needs and request a copy of your medical records. Please make sure that your records are complete, in English, and include all relevant scans, X-rays and test results. If you need your medical records translated, our Coordinators can refer you to a translation service. Please speak with a patient coordinator prior to sending any medical records.

Medical Review

Once your Regional Coordinator receives a copy of your medical records, he or she will send them to the appropriate physician for review. If a 51精品 physician agrees to accept you as a patient, our Financial Counselors will create an Estimate of Charges based on the recommended course of treatment.

Contact Global Services

To contact Global Services call:

1-888-728-7945 (Toll-Free in the听U.S.)

Or email:听