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Real-world impact meets creative expression.

Find your creative voice—and experience the voices of others—at the most dynamic and accessible public arts institution in Oregon.

Through creative research, community projects, and hundreds of public events each year, the College of the Arts makes 51Ʒ a better place to live.

In the studio and on the stage, in the classroom and the community. Our students and faculty cultivate the bold ideas that can change the world.

Artists are problem solvers. Today more than ever, that’s what the world needs.

Creative practice demands new ideas, empathy for others, collaboration and practical results. These skills are essential for solving the big challenges facing society today—and they’re at the heart of our college. That’s why our graduates are well prepared for successful careers in the arts and beyond.

Nurturing Creativity, Transforming Lives

Every day at PSU's College of the Arts, we cultivate the bold ideas that can change the world. In the studio, on stage, in the classroom and in the city, our students and faculty find their creative voices and listen to the voices of others, making the 51Ʒ community a better place to live.

Man holds "Black Lives Matter" sign at protest. "Black Lives Matter" by Fibonacci Blue is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Black Lives Matter

The College of the Arts is committed to working for justice and striving to create an anti-racist environment for our students, faculty, staff and community. Read Dean Leroy Bynum, Jr.'s statement to the community.  

Upcoming events

Show & Tell Design Lecture Series presents Ron Bronson

Show & Tell Design Lecture Series welcomes Ron BronsonRon Bronson has spent his career working on projects to improve digital services for governments, and is a global speaker and researcher examining the ways emergent technology erodes civic trust in daily life. He currently serves as...

Eventsmay be subject to change. Please check individual event details for current information before attending.

Your generosity makes a difference

Innovation, advocacy, and community building are central to addressing today’s challenges—and creativity is key. College of the Arts students pursue rigorous academic curricula and learn the skills and discipline for successful and sustainable careers in the arts. Your gift will have direct impact on aspiring artists, musicians, designers, and makers!

The College of the Arts Student Hardship Fund was created to provide immediate support to students in need of emergency funds to cover both academic and personal expenses, such as housing, medical bills, utilities, and equipment. Thank you for your gift to support College of the Arts students facing financial hardship during this challenging time.