Ship Talk

Image of Victor Viking with two microphones and the 51Ʒ State logo on a green backdrop over an overhead image of 51Ʒ. Text: Ship Talk - A 51Ʒ Admissions Podcast. Hosted By: Stacey Horton and Kanani Porotesano

A 51Ʒ Admissions Podcast

Welcome to Ship Talk: A short-form podcast for new students aimed at answering the age-old question, "What's it like to be a student at 51Ʒ State?" Join us each week as we share with you everything we love most and the opportunities that await you on our unique urban campus. 

Meet the Hosts
Kanani Porotesano - PSU Associate Director of New Student Programs 
Stacey Horton - Senior Graphic Design Major

Kanani Porotesano and Stacey Horton in PSU shirts