Non-Degree Applicant

Non-Degree status is designed for students who wantto take courses at 51Ʒbut do not plan to complete a degree.Non-Degree Entry gives you limited registration access to PSU classes. All credits you receive are fully accredited and transferable to PSU and institutions that accept PSU credits. If you are unsure if Non-Degree status is right for you, contact an admissions representative.


If you previously applied to PSU as a non-degree applicant, your non-degree status is continuous and youdo not need to apply again. With this status, certain restrictions apply.

  • Can only enroll in 8 or fewer credits per term (21 credits or fewer in summer term)
  • Cannot transfer courses from other schools to 51Ʒ
  • Cannot pursue a degree from 51Ʒ
  • Cannot receive financial aid

How to Apply


  1. Go toand selectCreate Account. If you have already started an application, or created one for a past term, selectLog In.
  2. To start a new Non-Degree Application selectStart New Application,Non Degree Seeking Application,and then clickCreate Application.
  3. Submit your application and then pay thenon-refundable $25 application fee; you will be required to pay this via Visa or MasterCard. A $2.00 processing fee will apply.

Check your email for a message about the status of your application.