Co-Admitted Student Checklist

We’re excited that you’ve chosen PSU to complete your bachelor’s degree. There are many benefits to co-admission and we want to make sure you’re taking full advantage.

As a co-admit, you have 10 terms from the term you’re admitted before you are required to enroll in courses at 51Ʒ. Within those 10 terms you will have active student status at PSU (that’s just over two years of classes, including summers). This means you can continue to receive benefits by being enrolled as a PSU student.

As a co-admitted student you are required to attend an in-person or virtual Orientation session for the term in which you plan to start at PSU. Wait to confirm your enrollment until the term in which you plan to enroll in classes. If you are no longer interested in enrolling at PSU at any time in the future or you no longer intend to participate in co-admission, contact admissions@pdx.edu.

All of your next steps can be found in the . Be sure to check your account regularly for important updates and information. In the portal you’ll also be able to find information on campus housing, financial aid, and New Student Orientation and a full checklist of items to complete.